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Dynamiska komponenter

The use of snubbers is preferred in thermally operated plant components. In a dynamic event, snubbers instantaneously provide a fixed, practically rigid connection between the component to be secured and the surrounding structure. In this way the dynamic energy from abrupt displacement can be absorbed at once and harmlessly dissipated. The thermal displacements during routine operation remain free of any significant resistance thanks to the specialised operating principles of the snubbers.

The function of LISEGA hydraulic snubbers type 30 is controlled by a main control valve positioned axially in the hydraulic piston. On slow movement of the piston, the valve is held open by spring force and the hydraulic fluid can flow freely from one cylinder chamber into the other. On rapid piston movement above a velocity limit, back pressure develops on the valve disk and closes the valve. The hydraulic flow is interrupted and the movement blocked.

The operational mode of LISEGA hydraulic snubbers type 31 is in principle based on the same concept as of type 30. The particularities of size require a different arrangement of the compensating reservoir. At the same time, a different arrangement of the valves is also necessary.


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